Hosting remote meetings in any meeting and conference room size is a task in itself as all the participants cannot engage or interact on the same device. Add to it a lack of crystal clear audio & video and team productivity in remote meetings goes straight out of the window!

So the million-dollar question arises: Want a smooth & flawless meeting experience with crystal clear audio & video with the flexibility for participants to join from any device regardless of their location? We’ve got you sorted!

Barco ClickShare CX30 + Poly Studio

FVC provides the best combination of Barco ClickShare CX30 and Poly Studio that can be connected on any device wirelessly to bring teams together in remote meetings with superior audio & video quality.

With Barco ClickShare CX30, get connected with all your remote participants within 7 seconds with just one click and start engaging in the meeting in the best possible manner with Poly's finest audio & video quality.

Poly + Barco provides a seamless & remarkable meeting experience for all participants irrespective of their location. It’s the perfect blend for hosting remote meetings in huddle to small-sized meeting rooms with Poly Studio and small to medium-sized conference rooms with Barco ClickShare CX30 with your existing video conferencing system.

Let’s get to know both of these best-in-class products in detail!

Barco ClickShare CX30

Facilitating seamless, wireless conferencing for small to medium-sized meeting and conference rooms, the Barco ClickShare CX30 can be utilized on any device to bring teams in one place regardless of their location globally to take part in highly productive meetings.

Barco’s range of cutting-edge wireless conferencing solutions including the ClickShare CX30 is designed to connect wirelessly with your existing video conferencing system and a wide array of USB audio-visual peripherals such as mics, soundbars & cameras.

Transform your small to medium-size meeting rooms into innovative meeting & conference facilities with the Barco ClickShare CX30!

Check out its key benefits below:

  • Begin IT-friendly remote meetings
  • Communicate, deliberate, and work together with remote participants engaging in interactive meetings with touchback, annotation & blackboarding
  • Complete BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) support
  • Full interactivity & moderation (available in a future firmware update)
  • Compatible with your device, your UC&C platform, and a variety of USB peripherals
  • Improved security

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Poly Studio

Maximize the productivity of your video conferencing meetings by being able to view, communicate and hear all participants clearly with Poly Studio.

Simple USB connectivity enables easy operations while the state-of-the-art technology does its job in the background, delivering a business-class solution that makes remote meetings feel like real-life ones!

Poly Studio is particularly ideal for a huddle to small-sized rooms that require connecting to multiple VaaS platforms over USB.

Find below its amazing benefits:

  • World-class USB video bar
  • Catch even the most minute expressions with superior video quality
  • Hear each & every word during meetings with unparalleled audio quality
  • Automatic speaker tracking
  • Compatible with corded as well as wireless headsets
  • Straightforward USB connection to a PC or Mac running any video app or cloud service
  • Centrally managed to decrease the strain on IT
  • Simple for IT to manage & deploy

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FVC’s Partnership with Poly & Barco

FVC is the value-added distributor of Poly + Barco in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region.

Through this partnership, FVC delivers world-class solutions to businesses in addition to providing expert support services, all of which work towards ensuring maximum ROI for the businesses investing in the solutions.

The best-in-class solutions offered by FVC in collaboration with Poly + Barco include Barco ClickShare CX30 & Poly Studio.

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