Get acquainted with ClickShare Conference, a next-level wireless conferencing system that promotes rich collaboration, intuitive teamwork & seamless sharing.

Remote meetings are increasingly becoming the norm in modern business, with dependence on wireless conferencing technology rising by the day. This is where the need for a best-in-class conferencing system that is simple to connect, easy to operate, and seamless to use comes into play.

Barco’s ClickShare Wireless Conferencing System ticks all these boxes and more!

What is ClickShare Conference and how can it be helpful for you & your business?

ClickShare Conference is a next-level wireless conferencing system which promotes rich collaboration, intuitive teamwork & hassle-free sharing in addition to robust security.

Compatible with any device and any conferencing platform, ClickShare Conference enables teams to link up with each other in a remote environment, with just a click of a button.

It shares the apps from your laptop on the meeting room display & wirelessly connects them to the cameras, speakers & microphones in the meeting room for a remote meeting experience that provides the convenience of face-to-face meetings.

The highlights of the ClickShare wireless conferencing system are the Collaboration App & Conferencing Button. These are in addition to a variety of exceptional & productive features. Let’s dive into them!

ClickShare Key Features

  • Easy Connectivity: No software required, no touch panels or settings to control
  • Hybrid: Transform any room into a hybrid collaboration room in a few minutes
  • Agnostic: Compatible with any laptop, conferencing platform (UC) & a variety of USB peripherals
  • Flexible: Integrates with pre-existing meeting room solutions, no vendor lock-in & enables new technology to be added seamlessly
  • Enterprise: ISO27001 certified, IT-grade solution which is secure, cloud-managed & connected. Share with Button, App, or both, in accordance with your workplace strategy

Next-Level Convenience through Button & App

Experience the finest wireless conferencing experience as the ClickShare Conferencing Button & ClickShare App work in tune to provide a world-class, seamless remote meeting experience.

The ClickShare Conferencing Button

With the ClickShare Conferencing Button, all it takes are just a few moments to wirelessly connect to cameras, soundbars & other AV USB-peripherals in your meeting room for an enhanced, rich meeting experience.

The ClickShare App

The ClickShare App has made collaboration more intelligent and user-friendly than ever before. The App seamlessly connects to the meeting room, providing the user with the screen sharing option and a variety of innovative features. The App is compatible with all devices, ranging from desktop to Android & iOS.

ClickShare Conference’s Range of Wireless Conferencing Devices

ClickShare Conference CX-20

Convert small meeting rooms & huddle spaces into state-of-the-art conference facilities


  • Full BYOD support
  • Remote collaboration
  • Agnostic: compatible with any device and UC&C technology & a variety of AV peripheral
  • Improved security
  • Connected & cloud-managed
Barco ClickShare Conference CX-20 -  Wireless Conferencing System

ClickShare Conference CX-30

Ensure flawless & continuous wireless conferencing for small to medium-sized meeting & conference rooms


  • Full BYOD support
  • Collaborate remotely
  • Full interactivity & moderation (available in future firmware update)
  • Compatible with any device, conferencing platform & a variety of USB peripherals
  • Improved security
Barco ClickShare Conference CX-30 -  Wireless Conferencing System

ClickShare Conference CX-50

Bring world-class wireless conferencing & remote collaboration to your meeting rooms & boardroom


  • Full BYOD support
  • Remote collaboration of the finest quality
  • Full interactivity & moderation (available in future firmware update)
  • Agnostic: compatible with any laptop, conferencing (UC&C)platform & a variety of USB peripherals.
  • HDMI input cable
Barco ClickShare Conference CX-50 -  Wireless Conferencing System

Why do you need ClickShare Conference?

Remote meetings are the present & future of business conferencing and collaboration. So, it’s essential to seriously ponder investing in tech investments which boost productivity and efficiency of hybrid meetings & employees and ensure in-room & remote participants find the meetings equally engaging.

ClickShare Conference’s range of wireless conferencing devices ensure that there is a best-in-class wireless collaboration technology that suits your company’s specific needs.

For Digital Workplace Manager

Monitor & enhance the working of your fellow employees during hybrid meetings. Boost business growth & get the best ROI on your meeting room solutions.

For IT Manager

Optimize the workload of your IT team with a speedy & uncomplicated integration within your network & existing technology stack.

For Meeting Room User

Work at any place at any given time with your personal device using intelligent, wireless technology to collaborate & connect with fellow employees, suppliers, and customers.

For Solution Architect

Recommend your clients to incorporate a secure, dependable & future-proof tech solution in their brand new or renovated offices.

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