Innovation Centers

Dubai IC

At FVC, we think experiencing is believing and not just seeing. Bringing customers to an informed decision is the philosophy behind our Innovation Centers, going way beyond what any presentation, brochure, demo or concept pitch can offer.


Conveniently located in Dubai and Riyadh, our ICs offer a first-hand look at both FVC’s current and next generation products and solutions at work in a tangible, real-world scenario; all operating seamlessly. This informs customers of what to expect in their own work environment.


The state-of-the-art ICs serve as labs for benchmarking and simulations, as well as proof of concept centers for decision makers and technical staff alike. They offer a unique perspective, and a truly hands-on experience.

Saudi Arabia IC

Manned by our Technology Solution experts with domain expertise, the facilities are made available exclusively to FVC partners, at no charge. This gives them a competitive edge to host their customers in an environment that’s engaging, immersive, and interactive. It’s no surprise that some of our partners and customers call them ‘Innovation Centers’.


Talk to us today to see technology in action, and in person. To book a visit to our IC, please send us a request using the form available here.