Worried about the threat posed to your key applications & systems from cyberattacks? The Virsec Security Platform is what you need! Renowned for protecting the globe’s most critical applications & systems from the inside, Virsec stops advanced cyberattacks on the most common application workloads in an Enterprise IT environment.


Utilizing the patented Trusted Execution™ technology, VSP safeguards high-value enterprise applications that are deployed in the data center or on public & hybrid clouds. The best-in-class protection is effective against:

  • Memory corruption
  • Code injection
  • Credential theft
  • Supply chain
  • Other cyberattacks

VSP Host

With host protection, companies can administer granular application control on the workloads of their servers. This helps make sure that solely authorized & trusted processes and their related libraries get executed on the servers. VSP offers a sequence of checks to enable the user to always stay in control of decisions when it comes to executing a particular file on the server.

The checks comprise operating system level checks, publisher/packages checks & file reputation checks using trusted file reputation services. Moreover, leveraging advanced application control policies, VSP can impose dynamic execution of processes, such as PowerShell.

VSP Memory

The world-class memory protection provided by VSP protects the binary/compiled applications from attacks that look to take advantage of vulnerabilities in the memory space. High-value network-facing binary applications such as web servers & remote access services are usually on the radar of these types of cyber attacks that enable remote code execution (RCE). Virsec, through its patented technology, maps & imposes controlled flow of these applications during runtime.


VSP’s cutting-edge web protection makes use of deep web instrumentation in interpreted languages & frameworks such as Java, .NET, RoR, PHP, and Nodejs. They are used worldwide to write modern web applications which get complete visibility into web requests & responses. This full visibility, in conjunction with stateful inspection & identification of malicious user inputs, facilitates VSP to identify attacks & threats that are generally categorized under OWASP Top 10 like Injection (SQL, Command), XSS, CSRF, etc.

How Does VSP Work?

VSP basically safeguards applications at the code level by evaluating request transactions & compiled code during execution and in memory. This helps secure application integrity. It also closes windows of exposure & halts exploits at the start of a cyberattack. For successfully defending the customer workloads from attacks, the VSP counts on its capability to reside in the same memory space in which the customer applications & services are operational. Furthermore, the VSP CMS (Central Management System) enables the security administrators & operations teams to manage & monitor all the workloads that VSP safeguards in an organization. Also, the vRuleEngine solution component by VSP provides precise evaluation & identification of web-linked threats.

Why Virsec?

With cyberattacks getting increasingly advanced by the day, Virsec’s real-time, protection-first approach backed by leading-edge technology is the need of the hour for organizations globally. Regardless of the kind of attack, the Virsec Security Platform defends the different software of organizations while they are operational, with zero dwell time.

Security Innovation

Patented deterministic protection blocks attacks on applications during runtime.

Advanced Threat Defense

One-of-a-kind protection from complex fileless & memory-based attacks.

Real-Time Protection

Deep application integration identifies & averts all abnormal behavior prior to any damage being caused.

Enterprise Scalability

Safeguards important applications for top organizations in government, defense, finance, healthcare, critical infrastructure, and other sectors.

Experienced Management

Highly qualified & experienced Silicon Valley team from reputed companies like AMD, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Juniper, Dell, NexGen, Forcepoint, BMC, etc.


Ensuring the real-time protection of their critical infrastructure & applications from cyberattacks is pivotal for all organizations in today’s increasingly digital world.

If you are interested in Virsec’s world-class security platform, contact our team for comprehensive information and the finest quote!

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