What is Web Application Security?

Web application security means the usage of different devices or methods to protect web servers, applications & services from attack by web-based threats.

Also known as Web AppSec, it includes a collection of security controls engineered into a web application to safeguard its assets from potentially malicious agents.

How does Web Application Security work?

It comprises leveraging secure development practices & enforcing security measures across the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), making sure that design-level flaws & implementation-level bugs are taken care of.

Why is web application security important?

As is the case with all software, web applications also have defects. Of these defects, some can be real vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can take advantage of to pose big risks to organizations. In such a scenario, web application security comes in handy as it offers protection against such potentially detrimental defects.

Virsec for Web Application Security

The world’s leading provider of application-aware workload cyber protection, Virsec is the only security vendor that protects processes & memory in real-time.

Virsec’s one-of-a-kind & cutting-edge technology provides protection against the broadest range of attacks. This is regardless of whether the attacks are known or unknown, with no signature or earlier knowledge required.

Runtime Web Application Protection by Virsec

Virsec’s next-gen Web Application Protection with Virsec DPP’s WebProtection protects critical web applications from the most important present-day security concerns, including OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities & beyond. This comprises SQL injections, malignant use of Cross-site scripting & XML entities, and fileless memory-based attacks.

Virsec Web Protection safeguards the application runtime environment from the inside to make sure that user-supplied inputs are always treated as input data and are never executed as code by any interpreter like database queries, scripts, content parsers, transformers, or the operating system. 

Deterministic Protection Platform by Virsec

Deterministic protection maps precisely what your software is expected to do and prevents it from doing what it isn’t allowed to do.

A Deterministic Protection Platform (DPP) provides enhanced protection against all known & unknown threats to software workloads deployed in production & decreases threat actor dwell time from minutes to milliseconds, with true protection & runtime observability.

DPP by Virsec can safeguard your software when it is running and wherever it is running, irrespective of the application type, environment, or kind of attack.

Virsec Application Security Solutions

Virsec’s best-in-class application security solutions secure any & all key business applications, from legacy to COTS to custom, in any environment.

Full-Stack Workload Protection

Accurately detects attacks without false alerts that are hard to detect with legacy security. Only Virsec DPP can provide full-stack protection at the workload.

Legacy Unpatched Workloads

Automated runtime protection capabilities implement full-coverage protection. Embracing digital transformation as well as holding on to legacy systems doesn’t need to be expensive or pose a big risk to the company.

Consolidated VMs & Containers

Protection in the cloud for Containers and VMs: Unify security capabilities central to cloud runtime protection within a single platform.

Runtime Web Application Protection

Zero worries regarding the protection of systems even when familiar & unfamiliar vulnerabilities exist.

The FVC-Virsec Partnership

FVC is the Value Added Distributor (VAD) of Virsec in the Middle East & African region.

FVC, through its partnership with Virsec, offers best-in-class cybersecurity solutions that provide unprecedented protection against advanced cyberattacks.


1) What is the security of a web application?

A web application can be plagued by a variety of problems, which also comprise attacks aimed at causing significant damage to a specific application or the entire company.

2) How do you secure a web application?

Web applications can be secured by utilizing up-to-date encryption, necessitating proper authentication, constantly patching identified vulnerabilities & having good software development hygiene. In addition, DDoS, Application Layer & DNS attacks can also be used to enhance security.

3) What is Virsec security platform?

Virsec Security Platform (VSP) leverages patented Trusted Execution™ technology to protect high-value enterprise applications deployed in the data center or on public & hybrid clouds. VSP defends these applications from very sophisticated attacks such as memory corruption, code injection, credential theft, supply chain, etc.

4) How Virsec works?

Virsec works via the following process: It learns what is permitted and not permitted for specific applications, and when it detects an application executing an abnormal script, for instance, it flags the activity & transmits an alert that enables security to shut down the rogue function instantly.

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