A pioneer in the video conferencing solution market, Logitech’s wide range of cutting-edge solutions literally compete within themselves to be the preferred solution of top global organizations.

This is because Logitech is constantly in the process of incorporating new-age technology and coming up with feature-rich video conferencing solutions that improve the overall collaborative experience & boost productivity.

One such state-of-the-art offering by Logitech is the Rally Plus! Let’s get to know about it in detail.

Ultimate Video Conferencing Solution for Big Conference Rooms: 5 Reasons Why Logitech Rally Plus

Ideal for medium & large conference rooms, the Logitech Rally Plus delivers a thoroughly engaging video conferencing experience powered by its studio-quality video, advanced voice clarity & RightSense automation.

Let’s check out the 5 key reasons why you should opt for Logitech Rally Plus to meet your organization’s video conferencing needs.

Easy to monitor, manage and support.

You can simply plug and play Rally Plus with any PC, Mac, or Chromebox via USB. Begin meetings with a single touch, seamlessly connecting Rally Plus to your preconfigured room solution. The room solutions bundle includes 1Tap, irrespective of the UC platform being Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams.

This Logitech video conferencing solution's RightSense technology sets it apart from the others.

A best-in-class combination of RightSight, RightLight & RightSound, the RightSense technology makes Rally Plus stand out amongst its competitors.

Leveraging this technology, Rally Plus makes sure the right people are always captured on the screen, there is adequate lighting to ensure their faces are visible, and the speaker’s voice is clearly heard by everyone. This is done by suppressing any background noise.

The Rally Display Hub offers I/O for days!

Even though the Rally Plus is minimalistic in its appearance, there is nothing minimalistic about the I/O in the Display Hub.

The Rally Display Hub comprises 2 inputs for the speakers provided in the box along with 2 HDMI outs, a power in, a USB out for connecting with computers, a USB-C out for connecting the PTZ camera, and an Ethernet port for connecting to the table hub.

It provides camera techniques that improve your conference experience.

The Rally Plus camera comes packed in an initially tilted position, which helps in ensuring user privacy. When the power is turned on, it begins searching for people present in the room, and it automatically lowers its stare once the power is turned off.

Moreover, the remote provided in the box is designed to answer/reject calls, increase/decrease speaker volume, mute/unmute microphone, and, most importantly, control the camera movements. It can also be used to tilt/pan the camera or switch preset modes that you may have created in the software provided.

No computer? No Issue!

By connecting the Rally Plus to the Logitech Tap, the need for a computer in your conference room is totally eliminated. You can connect to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc., with just a single tap!

Additionally, Logitech Tap can connect Rally Plus to a nearby display. With the help of the aforementioned I/O, the video conference can be shown on one display while your computer screen is mirrored on the other one.


Fascinated and intrigued by the world-class features of the Logitech Rally Plus?

Well, it’s quite natural since the Logitech Rally Plus is an innovation ahead of its time and provides the finest video conferencing experience to one and all. Get in touch with our team for more information and the best quote!

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