Want to enhance your small & huddle rooms video conferencing experience?

Check out the Poly Studio X30!

An all-in-one video bar for small & huddle rooms, the Poly Studio X30 facilitates seamless collaboration with up to 6 meeting participants. Moreover, it doesn’t require an external device because it functions as a native Zoom or Microsoft Teams solution for the meeting room.

How Can the Poly Studio X30 Enhance the Quality of Your Video Conferencing?

Simple Setup

Say goodbye to entangled wires and troubleshooting before each meeting! Instead, embrace the easy setup of the Poly Studio X30, which takes just a few minutes to get a meeting started.

You don’t need any computer device, wires, cables, or other equipment. Just the Poly Studio X30, and you are good to go!

Supports Any Video Platform

Fancy Google Meet or Microsoft Teams over Zoom or vice versa?

No worries! Use whichever UC platform you prefer and connect straightaway without any hassles with the Poly Studio X30.

With Simple Touch Control

Featuring the Poly TC8 touch panel (8 inches), this high-resolution intuitive touch display allows you to seamlessly control everything from the conference table without moving an inch.

Everything from joining a meeting to sharing content, adjusting camera settings, and more can be done effortlessly.

Professional-Grade Audio

Flawless audio clarity is one of the key features of the Poly Studio X30, delivered via a beamforming microphone array that makes sure of crystal-clear voice pick up.

Furthermore, in-built NoiseBlockAI & Acoustic Fence noise-blocking innovations filter out distracting background noises to ensure zero disturbances during a meeting.

Stay Focused

Poly Studio X30’s smart 4x zoom camera, 4 in-built microphones and innovative technology ensure the visual focus of the camera is always on the person speaking regardless of any distracting noises in the meeting room.

Easy Content Sharing

Experience real-time content sharing within seconds that enhances meeting efficiency in a big way. Sharing content either wired or wirelessly is a cakewalk with the Poly Studio X30’s cloud video software.

You can present wirelessly through Zoom Content Sharing, Miracast, Airplay and the Poly application without any external solutions for content sharing.

Poly Lens

The Poly Lens App maximizes remote meeting productivity by allowing you to customize your personal devices, ensuring the latest software is always installed, and providing helpful tips & support via a single touch.


The Poly Studio X30 is a radically simple all-in-one video bar that can render a boardroom-quality video conferencing experience in huddle & small rooms.

So, what are you waiting for?? Take your remote meetings in small or huddle spaces to the next level with the Poly Studio X30!

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