The complexity of modern enterprise networks, including internal, branch, virtual, and cloud environments, expands the threat surface and increases the likelihood of cyber-attacks. In addition, the abundance of security tools generates siloed data, while limited network visibility hinders effective threat detection and response by cybersecurity teams.

To address this challenge, organizations must gather data from various capture points & computing platforms and enhance it with threat intelligence & business context. Netscout offers Omnis® Security as the solution to this problem!

Netscout Omnis Security is a cutting-edge platform for analyzing and responding to threats, delivering the necessary level of security for today's digital landscape with its broad coverage, high capacity, and uniformity.

Features & Benefits

  • Economical, extensive network visibility with hugely scalable network instrumentation.
  • Use of various methods for detecting network-based threats, utilizing curated threat intelligence, behavioral analysis, open-source information & advanced analytics.
  • Wealth of locally stored metadata & packets providing a thorough and context-rich investigation process.
  • Threats remediated at the perimeter via industry-leading stateless packet processing technology or third-party blocking devices like firewalls.
  • The platform features a single source of rich metadata & packets and utilizes open standards & APIs to facilitate integration and collaboration between technology operations.

Omnis Cyber Intelligence

The central console serves advanced threat detection & response by evaluating data from CyberStream instrumentation, network baselines, and ATLAS or third-party threat intelligence sources.

This enables the detection of various cyber threats and facilitates visualization & investigation through workflow management.

Omnis Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Omnis IDS is a standalone solution or software module for CyberStream instrumentation, offering intrusion detection utilizing the Suricata open-source signature & rules engine.

It generates contextually rich alerts, such as mapping to Mitre Att&ck (in the future), and sends them to the IDS Explorer application in a third-party SIEM/SOAR.

Omnis Arbor Edge Defense (AED)

Omnis Arbor Edge Defense is deployed on both the network perimeter inside the router and outside the firewall. It identifies inbound & outbound (north-south) threats like DDoS attacks, scanning, brute force password attempts, malware & other indicators of compromise (IoCs).

This is achieved through hugely scalable, stateless packet processing technology and threat intelligence from Netscout Atlas and/or third parties.

Integration is Vital

Netscout Omnis Security is a proven, comprehensive Threat Detection and Response solution. It leverages network-derived packets and a strong source of metadata from the Netscout CyberStream platforms to provide effective threat detection.

Netscout recognizes that the network comprises the ultimate source of truth but also understands that companies depend on endpoint detection & SIEM technologies.

Thus, Omnis Security prioritizes openness and integration with existing security stacks & processes, enabling it to evolve into a completely integrated & crucial aspect of the cybersecurity infrastructure of an organization.


In summary, Netscout Omnis Security provides the necessary Scale, Scope & Consistency to secure modern digital infrastructure.

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