Want to experience your content in 6K resolution? The Prysm LPD 6K Series will surpass all your expectations!

Featuring the globe’s largest interactive, single-panel display, Prysm's LPD 6K Series eliminates the concessions necessary with other video walls.

Besides being a great solution for digital signage, up-close interactive use, and much more, its rollable screen facilitates installation in a wide range of spaces for maximum impact.

Ideal for Use in:

Experience Centers

The entire LPD 6K Series from Prysm has been meticulously designed to offer a large-scale, highly engaging & interactive brand experience in experience centers. This is made possible by the great size, unparalleled brightness & image uniformity, which helps ensure that the content & brand look amazing on every occasion!

Retail Stores

Attract your customers by employing the LPD 6K Series for digital signage in your retail store and playing expansive videos & eye-catching images on it. Once inside your store, engross customers with interactive shopping experiences that showcase the USP of your brand & products.

Executive Boardrooms

Utilize the vast canvas of the LPD 6K Series to check out various kinds of content in a clear and precise manner. Make the most of the bezel-free experience by positioning spreadsheets, graphs & charts between the bezels.

Private Theatres

Amaze your guests by installing the LPD 6K Series in your private theaters. Besides the stunning resolution, the series has the industry-high pixel fill rate and high contrast ratio which renders deeply engaging, lifelike images & videos for a memorable viewing experience!

Unique Features:

Spectacular 6K Image Quality

  • Delivers unified communications
  • Equipped with the clearest resolution available for large, no bezel, direct-view display
  • Provides consistent picture quality during the entire lifetime of the display

Superior Contrast & Vibrant Colors

  • Complies with the current global consumer & broadcasting standard for all HD content
  • Can reproduce over 1 billion discrete colors
  • Offers an immersive & rich visual experience

Bezel-Free Images

  • Ensures your content has the best possible impact by getting rid of distracting bezels
  • Eliminates the need of repositioning content to evade thick bezels from pieced together displays

Swift & Easy Front ServiceBezel-Free Images

  • Gives access to all Prysm equipment from the front
  • Provides the option to raise the display surface and get up to 75% faster service than traditional back service displays
  • Bolsters deployment options within workspaces

Energy Efficient

  • Fully redesigned light engines that provide a low total cost of operation over the lifetime of the display and help achieve corporate sustainability goals
  • Utilizes less power than a commercial coffee maker

Interactive Capable

  • Fully interactive display that facilitates usage for team collaboration besides video & presentations
  • Consists of a robust polymer surface that is resistant to both impact and scratches
  • Supports up to 32 simultaneous touch points, making it perfect for highly interactive meetings

The FVC-PRYSM Partnership

FVC is the Regional Distributor of Prysm in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Prysm’s cutting-edge technology is pioneering a brand new era of communication wherein multimedia presentations on fully interactive displays (cloud-connected) are revitalizing the human attention span. This is done by inviting audiences to collaborate & engage in the information-sharing process.

By leveraging this partnership, FVC’s Innovation Center is providing highly customized and thrilling visitor experiences.

Visit our Innovation Center to experience the Prysm Display.

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