FVC adds blockchain and Metaverse product suite to it’s portfolio

Palo Alto, California,  March 23, 2023 – Liveplex today announced that it has appointed FVC as its distributor to offer transparency, traceability, data security , digital asset protection and interoperability through its Web3.0 technology stack to the FVC reseller base in over 50 countries. 

Adding Liveplex technology stack will enable FVC and its 500 plus resellers across Middle East and Africa region access to a cutting edge technology portfolio which enables the internet formats of the future.

Liveplex API’s  transform B2B business models to web 3.0  at a lower cost with extensive security, data integrity and value for money.

FVC will offer its reseller network training in sales and marketing to enable them to market and position immersive Web3.0 technology with their customers.. 

This makes it easy for their channel partners to create skills in building web 3.0 presence for their customers and bringing their customers closer to their brands offering safety, security and interoperability. 

Says K Parag, Managing Director of FVC “FVC is excited on announcing it’s partnership with Liveplex in the MENA region. The customers in the region are looking at a greater adoption of leading edge solutions in Block Chain & Web 3.0. Liveplex delivers the best value in bringing efficiency and high level of security to address the customer requirements.

Prakash Krishnamurthy, Chief Sales Officer at FVC, says Web 3.0 is the next break in the evolution of the internet.  It will help corporate enterprises and government institutions to build immersive digital experiences and transcend to the enigmatic world of Metaverse. Liveplex is an excellent web 3.0 technology provider which helps customers to digitally transform to the internet of the future. FVC is excited to be associated with Liveplex and believe that it is the technology of the future.

Vimal Kumar, the President of Liveplex says, “ At Liveplex, we are committed to providing the best technology stack which powers tomorrow’s digital world. Our partnership with FVC is our path to deliver a frictionless web 3 experience to the vibrant business community globally”

About Liveplex

Liveplex technology helps customers transform their business to Web 3.0 by integration of its APIs. Using easily integrated, modular features, customers can convert existing presence to meet the needs for safety, privacy, security and governance that customers expect. With Liveplex Web3.0, customers become the master of their own data and bring their customer community closer to their presence without any intermediaries. The technology helps the customer's brand integrate to any blockchain chosen, any storage, and any data reporting tool the company aligns with. For more information, please visit www.liveplex.io.

About FVC

Founded in 2000, FVC is one of the leading Value-Added Distributors (VAD) and reputed Information Technology and Information Security distribution company based out of Dubai, UAE with offices spread across the Middle East and Africa (MEA) regions. With over 20 years of cross-domain expertise since our formation at the turn of the millennium, we are passionate about creating value in all that we deliver. With more than 100 passionate team members, our strength, experience and expertise are drawn from 450 world class partners spanning across 50+ countries supporting 500+ enterprise customers. For more information contact us at: info@fvc.com