What is a SMART Interactive Whiteboard?

A feature-rich tool that boosts engagement, SMART Interactive Whiteboard is a high-quality interactive display used in educational institutions, companies, and government offices. Generally mounted on walls, these flat panel displays comprise a video projection, computer interface & touch-sensitive surface reacting to user input directly or via other devices.

What are the Benefits of Using an Interactive Whiteboard for Education?

Arguably the most effective tool a teacher can utilize in a classroom, IWBs can enhance the teaching-learning experience for both teachers & students. Find below the 5 key benefits of IWBs for education purposes:

Interactive Learning Environment for Students

As the name suggests, interactive whiteboards facilitate an interactive learning environment inside the classroom. Whether it be group activities or question-answer prompts, IWBs deliver never-seen-before interactivity. Teachers can extract maximum benefits from IWBs by including them in their lesson plans. From presenting, teaching & testing, interactive whiteboards foster communication and responsiveness inside the classroom.

Save Time, Money & Paper

By providing a complete audio-visual experience, IWBs enable teachers to present real-time info and explain simultaneously, thus saving a significant amount of time. Speaking of money, IWBs are an excellent cost-effective tool as they are reusable as opposed to touch-sensitive computer screens/tablets. This eliminates the need for teachers to constantly buy classroom materials for every lesson, class, or academic year. Moreover, IWBs also help save paper by eradicating the requirement for printed materials such as worksheets or reference materials. Students can check out any information they want on the interactive whiteboard. This significantly reduces paper usage and time spent working on homework & assignments.

Eliminate Distractions

IWBs play a significant role in getting rid of common student distractions. Students focus on the teacher rather than their own devices or classmates. With IWBs, teachers can project notes on the whiteboard for everyone to see regardless of their sitting position in the classroom. Reduced distractions due to IWBs help deliver a highly focused learning experience for students, also assisting teachers in better understanding the issues faced by each student.

Promotes Critical Thinking

IWBs make learning more insightful by helping boost critical thinking skills in students. Students are able to put forward any questions or doubts and get them resolved during the presentation itself. They can better understand the concepts rather than just watching or listening as a spectator. Many teachers have reported a rise in the level of engagement among students when taught with the help of an interactive whiteboard.

Improves Knowledge Retention in Students

The interactive whiteboard is much superior to text, videos, and other media with regard to students retaining vital info taught during lessons. IWBs help students relate to key points in a lesson with the help of relevant examples. Teachers make this possible by showing maps, graphs, videos, web pages, etc., directly from the interactive whiteboard.

Why Choose SMART

The inventor of the SMART Board Interactive Display, SMART Technologies is focused on delivering tech-driven results through our various cutting-edge offerings.

SMART for Education

SMART has a premium quality interactive display suited for every classroom. Our world-class range of interactive displays promotes creativity, critical thinking & interpersonal skills and are simple to deploy and operate. Additionally, SMART offers professional development & education consulting services well-versed in insights obtained via EdTech research, for effective implementation.

SMART for Business

In today’s highly competitive landscape, it has become essential for businesses to adapt to changing requirements. With the SMART interactive whiteboard displays, you can acquire an edge over your competitors. These best-in-class displays will help boost digital collaboration, improve modern conferencing, facilitate remote working and enhance training results, all in a hassle-free & seamless manner.

SMART for Government

SMART interactive whiteboards are a great addition to government machinery. They help share crucial info to remote colleagues in real-time during rescue operations conducted by the government teams. Different teams from varied locations can quickly collaborate and streamline the decision-making process to decide the necessary course of action.


1) How much does an interactive whiteboard cost?

Interactive whiteboards are economically priced. This is more so when the board's functionality is primarily dependent on software.

2) Which are the ideal features of an interactive whiteboard?

An ideal interactive whiteboard should have the following features:

  • Multi-Student Participation
  • Multi-Device Connectivity
  • Classroom-Ready Software
  • Durability & Mobility
  • Saving & Printing

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