Fed up with untangling cables of presentation systems on a regular basis? It’s time to shift to a best-in-class wireless presentation system! As per Gartner Research, wireless presentation systems are among the top 10 strategic technologies to enhance BYOD collaboration in workspaces. As the name suggests, a wireless presentation system provides the functionality of projecting your mobile, tablet, or computer screen on a big display without having to deal with cable clutter.

This not only helps save time but also provides various other beneficial features, which we will discuss later in this blog. In contrast to consumer wireless dongles for screen mirroring, commercial wireless presentation systems possess features to boost collaboration during meetings & allow multiple presenters to share thoughts, ideas & media files without the hassle of long cables.

Which wireless presenting techniques are most popular?


The most simplistic & popular wireless presentation systems, they just require plugging in a button to your device for connecting to the projector & beginning the presentation. Barco ClickShare is the most popular model in this category of systems.

AV Control System / Video Conferencing Integration

Various AV control & video conferencing systems provide wireless connections to their digital infrastructure to allow presenters to connect wirelessly. Some of these systems can be integrated into existing HDMI switchers & control panels to make use of existing systems present in an organization.

WiFi Hub System

WiFi hub systems generally involve using a proprietary app to allow your device to connect & present to the display by utilizing the corporate WiFi network and a receiver connected to the display.

What aspects of wireless presentation systems are most in demand?

Custom Welcome Screen

Commercial wireless presentation systems usually feature customizable welcome screens that are used to render reminders/instructions to the meeting participants.

Smooth Video

Depending on the model, type & configuration of the wireless presentation system, it can be seamless & hassle-free to run videos up to a frame rate of 60 frames per second without causing any jitters or frozen frames.

High Resolution

Being able to read even tiny text displayed on the screen is vital for ensuring a productive meeting. Hence, many well-known commercial wireless presentation systems render 1080p resolution, with premium systems providing 4K resolution.

Multiple Screen Options

Various different high and mid-range wireless presentation systems provide the facility to display over one image on the screen. This is provided in the form of a split-screen for two presenters or quad screens in case of four. When combined with 4K resolution, this feature ensures flawless picture clarity for clear viewing.


Wireless presentation systems are the need of the hour for organizations across industries. Being able to get a meeting started and present your screen within the space of a few seconds has today become essential for collaborative workspaces to work efficiently. If you are looking to deploy a world-class wireless presentation system in your organization, then contact our team at the earliest for detailed info and the best quote!

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