Across the globe, IT teams are playing a key role in enabling their companies to adapt to fast-changing business realities & workplace rules that have emerged since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic. Organizations are making use of varied UC&C platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc., to fulfill their video collaboration needs. Moreover, businesses are welcoming new-age collaborative spaces such as huddle rooms & open offices, which pose their own set of challenges when deploying technology that has to be scalable & flexible in nature.

Hence, as and when problems related to virtual collaboration come up, the overall meeting experiences can turn out to be quite problematic & annoying for everyone involved. This is where a radically simple video conferencing solution can help immensely! Introducing Poly Studio X - The All-in-One Video Conferencing Bar!!

Reasons To Buy Poly Studio X? (Formerly Polycom)

A next-gen video conferencing bar that provides IT teams and users with a powerful yet easy-to-use solution, Poly Studio X makes video conferencing hassle-free and seamless! Let’s check out the top 5 reasons to buy Poly Studio X.

Easy to Manage

When we speak of video conferencing solutions, the first image that comes to mind is a clutter of a variety of cables & devices that are all messed up and need to be interconnected to make them work. This is where Poly Studio X breaks the norm emphatically! With Poly Studio X by your side, you can say goodbye to the time and effort wasted on setting up a meeting room. Poly Studio X helps ensure that IT teams can get meeting rooms kickstarted in fewer than two minutes with an all-in-one, turnkey setup process.

The world-class video conferencing solution consists of just 2 components, including the sleek video bar & touch controller, which are instantly paired right out of the box. Moreover, it facilitates easy connectivity in conference rooms with almost any video collaboration software available in the market. So say no to a bunch of cables, cords, USB peripherals, etc., and embrace simplicity to make your meeting rooms easy to manage!

Amazing Audio Quality

A trademark of Poly video conferencing devices is the stunning audio quality that they deliver. The Poly Studio X Series video bars are no different as they feature Poly legendary audio, with crystal clear & loud sound made possible through a creative acoustic chamber design.

No Distractions of Background Noise

In combination with the innovative acoustic chamber design, Poly Studio X also features next-gen beamforming microphones which together enable meeting participants to hear and be heard, ensuring a seamless meeting experience for all. With cutting-edge technology such as Poly NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technology, annoying background noises have no place in Poly Studio X meeting rooms. Acoustic Fence & NoiseBlockAI are innovations by Studio X’s Poly MeetingAI. They are able to intelligently distinguish between speaker voices and noise, filtering out unnecessary sounds to ward off disturbances.

Guessing Who’s Speaking

The best-in-class wide-view 4k cameras of Poly Studio X feature the intelligence to display only the people in the room and adjust in an automatic manner. This results in co-workers from distant places getting the feeling that they’re sitting in the same room. So regardless of whether team members are sitting together in a huddle room or working from the comfort of their home, they are able to collaborate similarly to having a face-to-face conversation.

Purpose Build to Run Zoom Rooms

Zoom is the most popular & preferred video collaboration software worldwide. Poly Studio X has been purpose-built to further optimize the Zoom Rooms app experience. This enables users to enjoy the user experience that they have become accustomed to while having complete access to their PC/Mac.


Poly's range of top-notch solutions like the Poly Studio X family and the Poly Studio have been custom-built to last long and comprise features that are designed to impress! If you are looking for an amazing video conferencing solution with an easy setup, familiar user interface, a smart camera that automatically adjusts, crisp sound & quick content sharing, then Poly Studio X is what you need!

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