Are you looking for world-class e-learning software & interactive digital whiteboard/smartboard to elevate the classroom experience in your educational institute? The SMART Board MX Series & SMART Learning Suite are what you need!

Empowering educational institutes to bring together all the technology and content in their classrooms in a hassle-free & seamless manner, SMART Education Solutions facilitate highly optimized remote learning and engaging educational sessions.

This is made possible through best-in-class teaching tools and world-leading interactive education technology!

SMART MX Series - Intuitive and interactive displays with best-in-class & easy-to-use features

With a selection of premium quality interactive digital whiteboard/smartboard displays meticulously designed for delivering the simplicity teachers & students need, the SMART MX Series Displays are a solid investment for any EdTech budget!

With the SMART MX Series by your side, you will be able to connect your devices and classroom technology, optimize remote learning and engage students in a highly effective & efficient manner.

MX Series Key Features:

  • Industry-leading interactive digital whiteboard/smartboard displays at an affordable price
  • Equipped with an inbuilt computer that allows you to straight away use it for teaching & learning without connecting a teacher’s computer
  • Cast more than 1 device at the same time & plug multiple different devices simultaneously
  • Supports Mac, Windows & Chrome OS
  • Built to last, designed for any learning environment
  • Fast & effective technology implementation with expert support from SMART
  • Easy to deploy, full-coverage warranty & service plan options
  • Variety of best-in-class teaching tools and a huge content library.
  • Complimentary professional learning plans, online courses, certifications & webinars
  • Free Award-Winning lesson creation software included
  • Energy Star Certification that helps ensure low energy bills

SMART Learning Suite - Engaging lessons every time regardless of the location of learners

The specialized tool for the current fast-changing teaching environments, the SMART Learning Suite is an intuitive web-based software that enables the creation of highly interactive & engaging lessons that culminate in collaborative student co-creation spaces.

Equipped with the SMART Learning Suite, teachers can deliver supremely engaging lessons irrespective of the location of the learners, and students can interact within the class, remotely or on their own time all on their own devices.

Learning Suite Salient Features:

  • Easy Google, Zoom & Microsoft integration
  • Free and flexible training options including ‘Getting Started’ tutorials, curriculum integration & in-person training
  • Import your existing lessons or access ready-made resources
  • Upload SMART Notebook, PowerPoint®, or PDF lessons & augment them with real-time formative assessments
  • Open interactive lessons anywhere & share them with any student device
  • Make learning visible to you & your class with a dashboard master view of each student’s work
  • Provide real-time guidance to each student individually as he/she learns
  • Utilize customized activities & games that provide automatic feedback to keep learning on track
  • Make use of polling & class discussions to boost engagement
  • Contact expert support team anytime to resolve all your doubts & queries

Why SMART Education Solutions?

Interactive remote learning is the present & future of education and SMART Education Solutions enable educational institutes to stay one step ahead by providing cutting-edge technology and best-in-class features at an economical price!

Importantly, SMART Education Solutions seamlessly integrate with renowned solution providers such as Poly & Zoom to deliver the finest remote learning experience.

Perks of SMART Education Solutions:

  • Greater ROI on Technology
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • Premier Solution Globally
  • Hassle-Free Deployment
  • Minimal Training Time

So, what are you waiting for??
Upgrade the e-learning experience in your educational institute with the SMART Board MX Series & SMART Learning Suite!

The FVC-SMART Partnership

FVC is the value-added distributor of SMART Technologies in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region.

In partnership with SMART Technologies, FVC provides the following best-in-class education solutions:

  • SMART Board MX Series
  • SMART Learning Suite

These world-class education solutions facilitate blended learning, social distancing & improved teaching in a potent manner. Contact us for further details.

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